Nostradamus Advertising: Graphic Design and Typography in Hebrew and English

Nostradamus Advertising has handled a wide range of assignments for Jewish organizations, including advertising, public relations, direct mail and graphic design. We are probably best known for the many prayerbooks we have designed and typeset.

Israel Bonds

We have been writing copy for Israel Bonds (Development Corporation for Israel) for years. Here is a particularly nice series of promotional advertisements that we wrote.

Creative Director: Barry Nostradamus Sher
Copywriter: Vicki Free Presser
Design: in-house at Israel Bonds

Central Conference of American Rabbis

Since the mid-1980s, we have been designing books for the CCAR Press. Not shown are the book catalogs, posters, direct mail pieces and advertisments we created for them.

Mishkan T'filah
Mishkan T'filah

We handled the typesetting and production for the Reform Movement's new congregational prayerbook, Mishkan T'filah. We began work in the summer of 1999. After producing nine preliminary versions, the project finally went on press in the summer of 2006. Mishakn T'filah is now available in regular and large print format; in weekday or Shabbat or combined weekday-Shabbat editions; with transliteration or without; in a gift edition or regular binding -- 10 variations in all. The most popular editions are already in their third printing. (Read the New York Times' review.)

Book cover: The Price and Privilege of Growing Old Cover: Gates of Repentance for Young People Beyond Breaking the Glass Gates of Prayer for Young People
We did the book
and cover design.
Illustrations by
Roy Doty.
We handled production and typography (Hebrew and English) for this children's machzor. Design and illustration by Neil Waldman. Click to view the interior of the older children's section as well as the younger children's section. Covers customs, ancient and modern, for every kind of wedding -- traditonal, modern, straight, gay, etc. We did the book and cover design. We designed the cover and interior, and developed a unique color scheme to help children learn the order of the services. Illus. by Brad Gaber.
The Open Door Haggadah "A Children's Haggadah" On the Doorposts of Your House -- Al Mezuzot Beitecha Gates of Shabbat
We did the book  design, as well as
Hebrew and English typography.
Illustrations by Ruth Weisberg.
We handled production,
music engraving, and
typography in Hebrew and
English. Illustration and
amazing design are by
Devis Grebu.
We designed the interior
and did all the Hebrew
and English typography.
Cover by Brad Gaber;
interior papercut art by
Maryetta Moore.
We designed the book
and provided the
typography in
Hebrew and English.
Illustrated by
Neil Waldman.

Other book projects for the CCAR:

Birkon L'shabbat
Gates of Prayer for Weekdays and at A House of Mourning
Gates of Forgiveness

Gates of Prayer for Shabbat
Gates of Prayer for Weekdays
Gates of Prayer for Assemblies

Gates of Awe

Book design, typography in Hebrew and English

The Five Scrolls


Gates of Understanding II
American Reform Responsa

Cover design

Rabbinical Assembly

Moreh Derekh - The Conservative Rabbi's Manual
We designed and typeset Moreh Derekh, the rabbi's manual of the Conservative movement.

Cantors Assembly

Zamru Lo Derech Hashatz: The Hazzan's Manual
Zamru Lo: The Next
We coordinated
production of the 
Conservative Movement's
new  book of liturgical music.
We designed  
Derech Hashatz: 
The Hazzan's

Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs

Your Home is Your Sanctuary Countering Hebrew-Christianity The Missionaries Are4 Coming!
Resources for Creative Jewish Living: The Book Catalog of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs
We designed the cover
and book interior. Cover
photo by Jules Porter
We designed the cover and 
interior of all three volumes in
the series.
One of the posters we 
designed for Men's
Club Shabbat
We wrote and designed the FJMC
book catalog. Cover illustration by
Barry Nostradamus Sher. Copy
by Deven Black.


Wonders and Miracles --  A Passover Companion
We set the Hebrew type for this beautiful children's Passover book from Scholastic.

Congregation Ansche Chesed

[A Toast to Elvin Nichols] Come to the Cabaret Congregation Ansche Chesed membership brochure Voice of the Turtle
Event flyer Fundraising
Membership brochure Concert flyer

Other Jewish Clients

Congregation Rodeph Sholom -- Annual report design
Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion -- Typeset the Service of Investiture and Ordination in Hebrew and English.
Park Avenue Synagoguie
-- Typeset the booklet for the Installation of Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove, Ph.D. in Hebrew and English.
Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan --
Annual Journal production
Temple Emanu-El (New York City) -- Designed prayerbook for Bicentennial Sabbath Service
Temple Emanuel at Parkchester -- Website design, design of journal cover and logo for 50th anniversary celebration
Union for Reform Judaism (formerly Union of American Hebrew Congregations) -- Art directed Reform Judaism, their national membership magazine
Union for Traditional Judaism -- Designed cover and interior of Tomeikh KaHalakhah (book of responsa), volumes 1 and 2; designed cover and interior of Cornerstone (journal), volumes 1 and 2; designed Hagahelet (newsletter). Also provided public relations services and created direct mail packages.

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A number of these projects would have been impossible without the help of our longtime associates Warren Wolfsohn (Hebrew typesetting) and Wendy Wolf (desktop publishing). Because the actual covers of Derekh HaShatz and Moreh Derekh are simple blind stampings, we created more interesting graphics for use on this web page. The picture of the cantor's hat comes from